Cost optimal level of energy performance, building design optimisation

Cost optimality in the building design is an important step, which is not always used.
It is especially important for comparing different solutions in case more alternatives are feasible (e.g. Disconnection from district heating, heat pump or boiler room, solar collectors, photovoltaic or different thickness of insulation).

Calculation of cost-optimal level of minimum requirements according to the Regulation EU No. 244/2012 and CEN standards is based on the global costs over a certain calculation period (e.g. 20, 30 years) instead on payback time calculation.

Global costs during the economic life cycle are more appropriate for comparison of several possible solutions taking into considerations also benefits after payback time.

ENBEE experts:
  - Took part in the calculation of global costs for the cost-optimal level of minimum requirements calculation at national level reported to European Commission , 2012 -2013,
  - Provides training for calculating cost-optimal level of energy performance according to EU Regulation and CEN standards



Assessment of cost optimal calculations in the context of the EPBD (ENER/C3/2013-414),Final report, Ecofys 2015 by order of: European Commission



Guideliness to Regulation EC č. 244/2012