Energy performance

Assessing the energy performance of buildings is needed for two purposes:

  1. Design of new buildings and renovations of existing buildings
  2. Energy performance certification

From 1.1.2016 the stricter minimum requirements apply for the design of buildings in terms of energy efficiency in Slovakia.

To achieve the minimum requirements for new buildings the technical systems using renewable energy, heat recovery and other innovative technologies have to be installed, alongside with increased thermal protection of buildings.
The required rate of implementation of innovative solutions that are often expensive is different for each building and the need for these expensive solutions can only be properly determined by the correct calculation.

The correct calculation is also proven in the energy performance certificate for the building use permit, which can be processed by another expert.
Correct calculation of the energy performance of buildings is important process where the investor can to save or to lose the considerable costs.

ENBEE in collaboration with internal and external experts, designers and architects provides:
- Report on design energy performance rating for permit for building construction
- Calculation of energy performance for energy certification of buildings

Report on design energy performance rating for building construction permit includes an assessment of design against all building regulations in accordance with the applicable legislation and technical standards in Slovakia.